How To Block Jio Sim Card: 5 Alternatives

How To Block jio SIM

You may land in a situation where you would need to know how to block Jio SIM. If you lose your smartphone, you need to prevent any misuse from your phone. Or if your chip gets damaged. In these cases, you should block your SIM card. If you have been using a Reliance Jio SIM card, there is more than one way to block the card.

Alternatives To shutdown Jio Sim

Let us see one by one on these 5 alternatives and learn how to block JIO sim card.

  • Mailing Jio Care
  • Informing the customer care.
  • Through the Reliance Jio website
  • Visiting the store
  • Using another number

Mailing Jio Care

The easiest method is to compose a message and send it through email. You will get a reply from the Jio customer care without being unsure.

1. Compose a mail from the email ID connected with your My Jio account.

2. Explain your query in brief mention the number concerned along with the reason for deactivating the Jio SIM card.

3. Mail at to Jio Care

4. You will be sent an electronic mail with helpline links.

5. Your SIM will be deactivated soon. After deactivation, you will receive mail from Jio Care about the suspension.

Informing the Customer Care

If you think you should let the company handle the Jio SIM suspension, follow the guidelines below:

1. Call Jio customer care by dialing number 199.

2. Connect with the JioCare service.

3. Follow the instructions on the call.

You will be asked for your name, date of birth, father’s name as well as the reason for disabling the Jio service. Your SIM will be blocked as soon as the confirmation is done.

Using Another Phone Number

You can also use an alternative Jio service number. You can use this method when you are using another phone number.

1. Call 1800 88 99999

2. Perform the instructions on call to connect with the customer care executive.

3. You will be asked for your details along with the reason to block the SIM.

By Signing In the Jio Website

It is one of the best ways to block Jio SIM card. You can disable the SIM in a hassle-free way by yourself online without hitting a store or making any calls.

1. log in to your profile on the Jio website using your credentials (email and password).

2. Click on your name at the top right-hand side corner.

3. Visit ‘My Account.

4. Go to the settings icon.

5. Go to ‘Suspend and resume’ down arrow tab.

6. Select the ‘Suspend’ button, and it will take a maximum of 15 minutes for your SIM to get disabled.

7. A message similar to the one below will be displayed on the screen.

Visiting the Reliance Digital Store

Block your Jio SIM by going to the Reliance Digital. Find the nearest Reliance store using Google and give a visit.

You must carry an identity proof (ID) with which the phone number had been registered before. Any valid ID proof would work as long as it is linked with your Jio account.

How to Get Same Old Jio Number in a New SIM Card

The first thing you will do is block the Jio SIM if your device is unfortunately lost. There are high chances that you have most contacts from this lost or damaged Jio number of yours. Nowadays, there are facilities to request for the same contact number is a new SIM card for you to use.

However, this change in SIM cards is not possible online as you will have to be physically present to receive the new Jio chip. Carry your identity proof linked with the lost or damaged Jio SIM. You will have to go to Reliance Digital in person.

For getting the same Jio number on another SIM card follow these instructions:

1. Go to visit a Jio store belonging to Reliance in any way.

2. Present the required ID proofs and fill in the asked details.

3. The Jio staff will give you a new Jio SIM card with the same old number.

Till now we were dealing with “how to block JIO sim card”, let us now understand how we will resume our JIO sim.

How to Resume Jio SIM

If you are lucky, you might find or trace your lost cell phone. In that case, you can enable or unblock the disabled Jio SIM by following similar procedures.

There are two simple ways to resume your SIM:

  • By contacting Jio customer care through a mail.
  • By using the Jio website.
  • Visit Jio Store

Mailing Jio Customer Care

When you get confused with the helpline numbers barely taking you anywhere, the best thing to do is to contact Jio by e-mail.

1. Open your email linked with the deactivated Jio number for composing a mail.

2. Explain your query in brief along with the reason for resuming the suspended SIM card.

3. Send the mail to the Jio Care mail ID

4. You will receive an electronic mail response detailing you about various helpline links.

5. Your SIM will be reactivated within 24 hours along with another response from the Jio Care customer executive to the sent message.

Using Jio Website

Once again, this is an easy way to enable the disabled SIM as every registered individual has a Jio account made on the website.

Follow these steps to access the Resume button:

1. Sign in on the website

2. Click at your name on the right-hand side top corner.

3. Tap on ‘My Account.’

4. Go to the settings gear icon.

5. Find the drop-down arrow reflecting ‘Suspend and resume.’

6. Select ‘Resume’ to unblock the SIM.

However, sometimes you might face trouble if the website removes email ID and password login. It is advisable to contact the Jio team by a mail in the first place.

Visit Jio Store

If all these procedures look confusing to you. Go to any nearby Jio Store and explain your Jio blocked SIM activation situation. Do carry an ID linked with the SIM registration. The Jio service team will unblock your number with suitable reasons.

You can also call at 199 with you blocked SIM and connect to a Jio staff by following the instructions explained by the electronic call receiver.

Conclusion On How To Block Jio Sim

There are multiple explained ways to disable your Jio SIM above. By now, you have known how to block Jio SIM, how to Resume Jio SIM, and how to get the same old Jio number in another SIM card. I hope you found this guide understandable and useful.

On the other hand, if you know any other alternatives on how to block the JIO sim card, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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