How to Change the Name of a Business Page on Facebook 2023

How to Change Facebook Business Page name using PC

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for marketing. In this article, We will explain to you about how to change Facebook business page name from different devices.

Modifying the name used to be a ticky requirement when you have initially entered a random name or made a spelling mistake while typing.

You would not want your whole page portfolio to be credited to some other name than your company because of a silly grammatical error or undecided names. It is advisable to frame a catchy term for your business before launching it. In case you have a page that already exists, you might want to turn it into a firm. To avoid losing the followers and the Facebook page posts, you would keep the existing page instead of creating a new one. The solution is simple, change the page name on Facebook.

Before changing FB business page name, you should go through this social media’s guidelines first

1. You cannot use slangs, violent or abusive terms.

2. ‘Offical’ title cannot be used if the page is not officially a public figure, brand, or company. (This does not mean the verified tick mark given by FB).

3. Avoid names with unnecessary punctuations, signs, and symbols.

4. Use names with proper capitalization.

5. Variations of ‘Facebook’ itself is banned.

6. Do not add descriptions or slogans in the page title section.

5. The page name cannot be generic locations and words like India or carpet. Use the trademark name or a name that represents the products being sold. For example,  BeingOptimist or Oranges from Nagpur.

6. You have to be the Page admin to make changes on the page.

How to Change Facebook Business Page name using PC

1. Open your Page on your FB account.

2. Give a left click (using the mouse) on your profile icon on the top right corner.

3. Click See all profiles or switch to your preferred page by clicking the switch button beside your profile.

4. Now give a left click from your mouse to your business profile page available in the top right corner (i.e. beside the bell notification icon)

5. Go to Setting & privacy and then click Setting.

6. Now you are into a General Page settings.

7. On the right pane click the “Edit” link to change your Facebook business page name.

8. Set your business name and click the Review change button.

You will be notified about your Facebook name change request.

Note: If you change your Facebook business page name now, you can't change it again for 7 days

How to Change Facebook Business Page name using Mobile Phone

1. Open your account in Facebook application or browser.

2. Switch to your page. For example BeingOptimist.

3. Go To the Settings & privacy section.

4. Under Setting & privacy, tap Settings.

5. Now click Page settings with your fingertip. This will lead you to Personal information page.

6. Under the Personal information tap Name.

7. Change your business name and then hit the Review change button.

8. Your name change request will be sent. You will be informed of the changes made through notifications.

You must have understood how to change the Facebook business page name by now. However, sometimes people encounter difficulties in getting the name altered.

How to Change Facebook Business Page Name in the Older FB version

To know how to modify FB business page name, the steps are not much different with minor alterations made in the social media website’s interface:

1. Visit your page on FB.

2. Click on About.

3. You can correct the FB page name using the Edit option given beside the current name.

The reason listed below could be why Facebook has restricted it for you:

1. You are not following FB’s page policies.

2. The admins of your page do not have authentic profiles.

3. Your page name is misleading.

4. The page posts are misleading.

5. The other admins keep going against FB’s guidelines.

6. Your current page name and new page name are the same.

7. Continuously changing the name every few days.

8. Your page name consists of more than 75 characters.

9. You are not an admin of the page.

10. You do not have Page Role to let you make the required set up.

Summing up

In this blog, I have covered the following:

1. FB policies on naming a page.

2. Steps to alter the name of a Facebook page on PC

3. Procedure to change Page name on FB on a smartphone.

4. Method to make Facebook page name change of your company using old FB version.

5. Reasons why you are unable to change your Facebook business page name.

This blog would have guided you on how to change the Facebook business page name in 2020 for the latest version of Facebook as well as the previous versions available.

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