5 steps to ensure you don’t get caught out by The Big Analogue Switch Off

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Technology moves at such a breakneck speed these days that in no time at all, that which was once seen as a technological marvel on release is suddenly obsolete. Typewriters, floppy disks, VHS cassettes, fax machines, and more recently iPods. It’s rare that we can predict which technologies will die out, or be replaced by something superior.

With The Big Analogue Switch Off starting to take shape from September 2023, phone lines as we know them are becoming extinct. It’s a date that probably felt quite distant on initially hearing about the sweeping changes planned, but it’s less than a year away now. Preparation is the key to ensuring your business isn’t left behind.

What is the Big Analogue Switch Off?

The Big Analogue Switch Off is in reference to a gradual phasing out of BT’s ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). In layman’s terms, this refers to the telecommunication network as we will have mainly known it, prior to the rise in online telecommunication technology, with landlines in particular set to be impacted by this switch off.

In many ways, the Big Analogue Switch Off has already begun voluntarily for many businesses, with mobile communication taking precedence – from Wi-Fi or 5G calls to WhatsApp messaging and remote meetings. Many businesses have had no issues moving themselves into the future, and you can do the same.

1: Save yourself a bundle

VOIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) appears to be the streaming service to the analogue phone line’s DVD player, meaning that the phasing out makes plenty of sense. Furthermore, phone calls will become cheaper and clearer as a result. Excessive broadband bills will hopefully become a thing of the past. 

2: Maximise the benefits of remote technology

The fact of the matter is that broadband spends are considerably faster now, meaning that analogue phone lines simply cannot compete. Furthermore, the likes of Microsoft Teams are also constantly evolving. For example, Microsoft Teams telephony is the new way of collaboration on Microsoft Teams that can change the way your business does telecommunications.

3: Embrace the future

We only have to look at the statistics too to recognise the need to collectively move away from the analogue. More than 90% of US adults had landlines in their households in 2004, but now it’s less than 30%. It’s an unsurprising statistic given the rise of Smartphone and remote communication technology. Now we can not only hear someone’s voice on the receiving end, but we can also see their face at the click of a button.

4: Jump on the webinar bandwagon

With the latest developments in online communication technology, you can now host webinars or online events from anywhere, broadcasting your expertise to all four corners of the globe. If you have something of value to share, then sharing it has never been easier. 

5: Encrypt your calls

GDPR is probably one of the most crucial aspect of any business, from employee information to the content of your phonecalls. With encryption via calling with an app like WhatsApp, you can ensure no interference and absolute privacy.

With these 5 tips in mind, you can be better prepared when the time comes for the Big Analogue Switch Off. 

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