How To Build Links To Your Website In 2022

how to build links for your website

Much has changed in the SEO world since Google rolled out the Penguin update. In its update, Google included Penguin Spam Filter to its search algorithm, changing forever how we build links. Link building has continuously been changing ever since, thanks to Google’s regular Penguin updates.

But Why is Link Building Important?

Because, among other factors, Google also pays attention to links while ranking pages in search. In fact, several case studies have showcased how vital links are when ranking in search. It’s no surprise since links are treated as a vote of confidence that a particular page is of value and should be shown to other people looking for information in it.

This 2016 study that analyzed a million links discovered that, on average, the top 2 results had 38% of their backlinks from other pages that rank first on Google. Another separate study from Ahrefs revealed that many pages don’t rank on Google because they have no links, a whopping 90% of pages.

That shows you how important links are in search engines. On your website, links give you a better chance of ranking on Google search, and you can also receive traffic from other sites that have a backlink to your site. Links are essential since search engines also use them to discover new pages published on the internet.

But it’s not about links only; content and a host of other factors are usually considered when ranking sites. Content and link building are, however, an excellent place to start.

Given the importance of links in SEO, building links is becoming hard by the day. More straightforward methods that previously worked like a charm, for instance, listing your website in any web directory, just don’t cut it anymore. So, we’re here to show you some new techniques that you can use to build links in a better way in 2021.

1. Using Link Building Services

Link building is not easy, especially if you’re site is still new. Instead of struggling to find high-quality websites to link back to your site, you’re better off just paying for a link building service.

This is an excellent alternative if your site is still new or if you don’t want to go into the hassle of building links by yourself.

A good link building service can help you get high-quality links without having to strain. But stay away from private blog networks and low-quality websites, these strategies are dead in link building.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting has been used by SEO masters for quite a while and is still a great way to build links in 2021. This method of link building will never get old. Guest posting has several advantages too. One of them is you get to build your reputation as a market expert, which directly translates to more authority. At the same time, it’s a powerful link building strategy.

It starts by writing high-quality content with authority and looking for a well-known niche website within your industry that can accept and publish the article.

Once the article is up, you’ll get more exposure, and there’s a high chance they’ll accept to link to your website. As a result of the exposure, you’ll also be discovered by other website owners who can link to your site if they find useful resources on it. Using a great guest posting service provider like OutreachZ can be handy as it can help you acquire high-quality backlinks and save your precious time.

3. Broken Link Building Strategy

Broken links are commonplace on the internet, which presents a good chance for website owners like you to build links. This strategy is simple. You start by looking for broken links on high-quality websites, there always will be a broken link, and then you write good quality content that could replace the broken link.

Finally, you reach out to the website owner tell them a link on their site is broken, and it will be helpful to link to another page that has similar resources or even has better quality. This technique leverages the fact that webmasters hate when their site has broken links. Broken links can also affect rankings in search, which works in your favor.

4. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is closely related to broken link building, but they are two different techniques. Under link reclamation, various things can be done to help you build links. These include non-linking brand mentions, where an author talks about your site but doesn’t link to it, and non-linking images, a site uses your image without attribution. This technique is an easy way to build links.

A simple message to the site owner or author should solve this. Unlike other methods, link reclamation is relatively easy because you’re asking for a backlink that should already be linking to your site. Google Alerts is an excellent tool for looking up mentions on the internet, and best of all, it’s completely free.

5. Create High-Quality Content

It’s easy to fixate on the idea of link building, but if you don’t have great content on your website, you won’t go too far. Start by creating unique and high-quality content that will attract other website owners to link to your site.


To build links faster, create content with a high probability of being linked to other sites, like Lists, Quizzes, How-to, Infographics, case studies, reviews, research papers, and even videos. These are great content formats that act as link magnets. They have been discovered to attract lots of backlinks and are among the leading content formats with more internet links.

6. Build Relationships with Other Webmasters

Strong relationships with other webmasters can take you far in your link building journey. Relationships are a gold mine if you wish to build high-quality links for the long term because it’s usually difficult for people to link to websites that they don’t relate to or don’t know.


Link building strategies continue to evolve in favor of legitimacy. For those looking forward to building links in 2021, these approaches are the best and should help you gain more ranking in Google. The key is never to stop; link building is a continuous and never-ending journey, just like content creation.

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