Learn How To Merge Videos On iPhone Like a Pro In a Day!

How To Merge Videos On iPhone

It might seem a complicated job to edit or merge videos on iPhone. Especially, if you have been an Android user for a long time and have shifted to iPhone, it might seem tough for you. 

But in reality, this is very easy to do. Trimming, changing settings or even merging videos on iPhone is an easy job. So, practically there is nothing to worry about editing videos. We suggest you read this blog line by line and not skip any part if you want to learn how to edit videos on an iPhone or an iPad in just a day.  

Steps to edit videos on iPhone like a pro

Editing a video comes in many stages. Adding the video to the software, trimming it, merging them, doing colour corrections, adding text or audios to videos, and cropping them compiles into the phrase called editing a video. We have listed down, in parts, different ways you can edit your videos. Follow the steps written down below to find out how we edit our videos on iPhone or iPad.

How to merge videos on iPhone like a pro 

On iPhone, there is no in-built editing software that supports merging videos together. But AppleStore offers iMovies for zero cost, and this supports merging videos. What needs to be done here is to first download iMovies on your iPhone.

  1. Open the iMovie application. 
  2. After opening, you will be shown the Projects screen. Click on the Plus sign in order to start a new project. 
  3. A prompt will appear where you will have to tap on Movie. 
  4. Then, you should select the videos that you wish to merge together. Or you can also select one video and add one more later. You will have to grab the edges of each video that you have selected in order to trim the clips directly. 
  5. When the clips are already selected, click on Create Movie which is at the bottom of the screen. In order to trim the selected videos and then merge them together, you have to grab the edges of each frame and drag them to the size you want. 

You can also reorder your videos according to the serial you think seem fit. Tap on the video and then hold on to it till it floats on your screen. After that, you can drag it to your right or left in order to move it backward or frontward on the timeline. And then when you bring the video clip in the position, release it. 

After merging them, you will have to export a movie. 

  1. After you have made the changes required, you have to click on Done which is on the top-left side corner of the screen. 
  2. Then, click on the Press button to preview your project.
  3. After you preview your whole project, click on the Share button to export it. 
  4. You can find a list of app icons to choose where you wish to share the video. Select the one according to your wish. Or you can also tap on Save Video to export the merged video to your iPhone Photos. 

Rotate videos on an iPad or iPhone 

Did you know that you could rotate videos on an iPad or iPhone? You can do it from the Settings of the iPhone editing base itself. 

  1. Select the video that you are willing to edit.
  2. Tap on the Edit icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Once the editing interface has opened, click on the Rotate/Crop icon. 
  4. Then tap on the Rotate 90 degrees icon which can be found on the top-left corner of the screen. Till you find the right aspect ratio, you can keep on tapping on it.
  5. When you have found the right aspect ratio, click on the Done option in the bottom-right corner in order to save the changes. 

Trim videos on an iPhone in just a day

One of the most basic forms of editing videos is trimming them. Trimming videos, or cropping them means the same. iPhone has its own Photos app where you can do all trimming just lying on social media or other editing software. 

  1. Go to the video that you want to trim. Select it.
  2. Then, click on Edit which is situated in the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  3.  After you see the play button and the video’s timeline, use the arrow that is on the left. Use this arrow to change the video’s starting point and then after that, use the right arrow to change the video’s endpoint or the point where you want the video to end.
  4. After doing that, tap on the play button icon to preview the edits. 
  5. If this suits your requirements, click on Done and then select Save Video. This might also appear as Save Video as New Clip. 

Add or remove filters on a video on iPhone 

To add a filter, use the following steps mentioned here:

  1. Select the video where you are willing to put the filter. 
  2. Tap the Edit option that is on the bottom of the screen. 
  3. After the editing interface opens, click on the Filters icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You can scroll left and right till you find the filter you want to apply and then click on it. In order to remove the filter you have put on, click on the Original filter. 
  5. After that, tap on Done to save changes.  

Adjust contrast, video exposure and other settings 

Adjusting contrast and exposure is a way you can do colour corrections for your videos. The various image attributes list exposure, warmth, tint, definition, contrast, noise reduction, black point, saturation and many more.  

  1. Open the video that you want and then click on the Edit icon. 
  2. Then, tap on the Adjustments icon. 
  3. You can scroll left and right to find the image attributes, click on them and then use them. 
  4. After that, click on Done. 

Bring back a video to its original state 

In order to revert back a video to its original state, that is, the one without the edits, what you can do is tap on the edited video and then click on Edit. after that, click on the Revert option and your video will be brought back to the original state. 


There are many ways you can edit a video on iPhone or an iPad. One of them is the in-built video editing interface. But the in-built iPhone interface does not support merging videos. So, in case you are wondering to know how to merge videos on iPhone, we have two other options.

One is iMovies and the other is Lumafusion. iMovies is a free version and can be downloaded from AppleStore. While Lumafusion is not a free version. Professionals prefer Lumafusion since it has no limits, while iMovies is limited to certain handy features. 

But, with both of them, you can create a movie and a trailer for it. 

We suggest you use the iMovies as the starter pack and then shift to Lumafusion when things start to get hot. 

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