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Cancel my alarm

Recently we found a quick solution to your- “How can I cancel my alarm on my iPhone in seconds?”. 

The solution is in this article. This article is going to tell you how to cancel alarms on iPhone in two different ways. 

These methods are tried and tested ones, which means that if you use any one of these methods, they are bound to work. 

So, without wasting further time, let us teach you how you can cancel your alarms on your iPhone in just a few seconds.

How To Cancel My Alarms On My iPhone?

We know that you have the possibility of getting late and that is why you set alarms at small intervals. We do that too, no worries.

But do you know how to delete or disable all those alarms you kept on? Read the steps written down here to understand how you can do this.

Try Using Siri For Other Alarm Purposes 

The first thing that would be the automatic and instant answer to your question is to use Siri. If you are completely new to iPhone and its workings, we will tell you what Siri is. 

You have heard of personal assistants, right? Siri is something like that but only exists in the virtual world. It can be described as a personal assistant for all Apple devices. Siri uses voice recognition and it is actually being powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI at all times. You can use Siri for carrying out different virtual functions by calling it “Hey Siri..” and then saying what needs to be done. For example, you can call out “Hey Siri, open Clock” and Siri will open the Clock interface before you. 

Now, you can use Siri to do what you need to do. Hold the microphone near your mouth and then you can call out loudly, “Hey Siri, delete all my alarms” or “Hey Siri, cancel my alarms” and then Siri will show you two options, Cancel and Confirm, followed by a question. 

Click on Confirm in order to continue to cancel all of your alarms. It might also show Yes as an option. You can click that too if it shows up. And all the alarms that you have previously set, will be erased from your iPhone, no matter whether they are enabled or disabled. 

If Siri does not show up even after you call for it, then you can long-press your Homescreen button and Siri will show up. After that, go ahead and ask what you want to ask for. 

How can you turn off multiple alarms on your iPhone?

If you are looking for a way to turn off your alarm, then you can again take the microphone of your iPhone close to your mouth and call out, “Hey Siri, turn off all my alarms”. Or you can also long-press the home screen button and then say “turn off all my alarms”. 

If you have numerous alarms enabled, then you can also ask “Hey Siri, disable all my alarms”. If Siri does not show up, long press the home screen button and then say “Disable all my alarms”. Siri might even show you the alarms it has disabled. 

In the same way, you can enable alarms by saying, “Hey Siri, enable my alarms” or “Hey Siri, turn on all my alarms”. After that, Siri might show you all the alarms it has disabled or enabled, according to your command. 

Doing it manually 

In order to cancel your alarm manually, you will first have to launch the Settings on your iPhone

Then, go to Clocks. When the window appears, go to the Alarm tab. It is in most cases, situated as the second option in the menu bar at the bottom. 

You will find a list of alarms that have been already turned on. Find the alarm you want to cancel. Besides that alarm, you can find a toggle switch. You will need that to be turned off. If any confirmation message appears, select the suitable option after reading the instruction properly.  

In case you want to add an alarm, on the top right of the Alarm tab, there is a “+” sign. Click on that thing. On the picker, swipe up and down through the list of times you have. Remember to set the AM or PM at whichever time you want to add an alarm. You can also alter the default settings of an alarm by changing the options mentioned below the time picker like Repeat, Label, Sound and Snooze. After doing all that you wish, click on Save. and the new alarm you just have created will appear on the screen and it is automatically turned on. 


Asking Siri to do a thing for you literally takes a few songs. It is that fast. You command something, and the next moment, it is done. You can use it to cancel your alarm, add new alarms, or enable your alarms. The choice is yours. 

But since we have already answered your question of ‘How can I cancel my alarm?’, we will ask one simple thing in return. You can visit BeingOptimist for more iPhone hacks like this one. We also have various blogs about facts and other technology related stuff, other than the How-To tech articles. We hope that you enjoyed your stay here. 

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