How To Post Facebook Posts to Twitter without using social media Tools

How To Post Facebook Posts to Twitter without using social media Tools
This post was published 3 years ago, and since then, Facebook has undergone many changes. Facebook is now using its newer version and has omitted the older version. Three years ago, it was possible to post Facebook posts to Twitter without using social media tools. However, that option is no longer available. 

Therefore, to post Facebook posts to Twitter automatically, you will need an automation tool to post your Facebook post to Twitter. Examples of these tools are Zapier, IFTTT, and DLVR.IT. These tools are free to use, but also come with paid features. If you want to automate your posts from Facebook to other social media platforms, be sure to try these tools

For a businessman or social media manager, it is a very daunting task to maintain all the social media platform one by one. So, today, I will be sharing with you significant features of Facebook through which you would be able to auto-post your Facebook post to Twitter automatically. So let us check-in details how to auto post from Facebook posts to Twitter.

So let us start to know how to post Facebook posts to Twitter in Details,

Steps to Link Facebook Profile or Page to Twitter Account

Note: Before starting, I would like to say if you do not have an account on Twitter then create a Twitter profile instantly so that you would be able to learn how to do Facebook posts on Twitter.

To link your Facebook with Twitter, you would have to log in to both social media platform.

To link your Facebook Profile or page to your Twitter profile, you would have to follow the given below steps:

  1. First of all, log in to your Facebook and Twitter account.
  2. Secondly, go to URL
  3. After this, choose the types of posts you would like to auto post on Twitter. So click the updates according to your requirements and save the changes.facebook posts to twitter
  4. Now, you would have to link your Facebook pages. So select your Facebook page.Select your Facebook Page
  5. When you will click to link to twitter, then it will ask to authorize Facebook to use your account.
    Authorize Your Facebook profile with Twitter

Advantages of Linking Facebook and Twitter for Auto Post

Here, I would like to share a list of advantages if you link your Facebook profile with Twitter for auto-post.

  1. Saves Time: Nowadays all the big companies have Facebook and Twitter profile. It is necessities of the companies to update their customers regularly on time.

    Let me give you an example. Suppose you are working for a company as a social media manager where you have been assigned to post daily on Facebook and Twitter for 5 different companies which means for each of the 5 companies you have to log in to 10 accounts, and you have to post content on each of them separately.

    Here it becomes time-consuming because, for each company profile, you are posting the same content two times. One is on Facebook, and the other is on Twitter.

    So, to save time, there is only one solution, and that is auto-posting. If a company Facebook and Twitter account are auto-linked, then you do not have to share the same content two times. 

    Just sharing the content in Facebook profile or page will do wonder for you. In this way, you can save your valuable time using Facebook posts to Twitter features.
  2. Productivity: It will increase your productivity because after linking Facebook and Twitter account, you do not have to post the same content again and again.
  3. Reachability: It may happen that your Twitter followers are not aware of your Facebook Page. So auto posting from Facebook to twitter will give your customers access to your Facebook page. In this way, you will get followers from twitter to Facebook.
  4. Engagement: If you link your Facebook fan page with twitter, then at the same time, you would be able to engage with your Twitter follower.

Free Tools to Schedule your Facebook post to other Social Media.

Since you can use the above simple tips and tricks to auto post-Facebook posts to twitter, but there are many free tools available on the market which you can use to auto-post to any social media platform. Few of them are listed below.

Before using the social automation tools, I would recommend you to unlink your Facebook profile with a twitter account and then go with automation tools.

How to Unlink Facebook And Twitter

So to unlink your Facebook post to the Twitter feed, you would have to follow the given below steps:

So, let us see in details how to unlink Facebook from Twitter.

Step1: Go to the Facebook URL

Step 2: Go to link your pages to twitter and click the link unlink from Twitter.
Unlink from twitter

Step 3: Save the Changes: After you unlinked your Twitter profile, then you would need to save the changes.

Step4: If on the other hand, if you want to unlink your Facebook profile, visit the URL  and then click the link unlink from Twitter, then your both the social media profile will be disconnected from each other.

Unlink From twitter

Conclusion On Facebook Posts To Twitter:

In this way, you can easily link your Facebook profile with a Twitter account and can easily share your Facebook post to twitter automatically.

If you are using any social media automation tools such as IFFFT, Buffer, Hootsuite, Sendible, Tailwind, Post Planner, etc. then I would recommend you to unlink your Facebook account with Twitter.

I hope you have understood how to tweet a Facebook post by linking your Facebook social media profile/page with your Twitter account.

If you would want to learn how to increase your Twitter Followers then I would suggest you read the already published article

How to increase twitter followers for your business.

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  1. I think this feature has been disabled by the Facebook and it’s no more allowed to automatically publish posts on Twitter. I can’t see it anywhere.

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