How to use Pinterest for Business promotion in 2023

How to use Pinterest for Business

Did you know that 90% of social media users have already used social media to contact their favorite brands or businesses? That probably says why you should know how to use Pinterest for business promotion and focus more on social media marketing.

Every social media platform has the power to boost your business’s online presence and e-commerce sales. Pinterest has started generating a reputation amongst niche businesses.

This does not mean larger companies can’t make use of the platform. On the contrary, whether you are an apparel company like Nike or a credit repair business like the Fair Credit Law Firm. Ultimately, interpreting consumer feedback and adjusting your marketing strategy accordingly, will help solidify your social media presence.

Most people out there are still on Facebook and Twitter promotions while missing out on an even more excellent opportunity- Pinterest! Why? Because this social platform could be the ideal spot for you to showcase your business and brand to an interested, niche marketplace that’s ready to spend.

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly users worldwide. 40% of those users have a monthly household income of $100K+. So, there’s a vast potentiality for showcasing your services and products. Pinterest often serves as an information resource for so many of its users planning to make a purchase. So, here’s how to use Pinterest for business promotion.

Why Use Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest is a social networking site where people come to find inspiration. The site has more than a 134million active users who pin million of ideas every day.

Creating Pins is the main idea on Pinterest. Every picture you find on the site is a representation of some ideas. These pins can also link back to a targeted website. Thus you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

The pins also help people find more information about a product that they’re planning to buy. For example, if someone finds some shoe idea on Pinterest, they can hit your pin and land on your page from where the person makes a purchase.

That’s why you should always include a link on your pins. Clicking on these will direct them to your website and increase your traffic. However, Pinterest is not necessarily a powerhouse of users. So, you should consider your audiences before the option for Pinterest marketing. Now let’s head back directly to the tips on how to use Pinterest for business promotion

How to Use Pinterest for Business

1. Create Attractive Content

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, visual is the louder noise on Pinterest. You can only stop a person when he finds your content attractive. Therefore, you should always be focusing on the content’s visual quality more.

But that doesn’t mean that you avoid the other significant factors. Here’s what you should do to create a beautiful pin:

  • Make images in a 2:3 ratio. 85% of Pinterest users are on mobile. So, it would be easy to catch their attention.
  • Describe what people are seeing. It’ll incline them more towards your brand.
  • Don’t forget to add a headline that matches your pin.
  • Adding a logo would help to find your pin easily. It’ll also increase the taste of branding.
  • Don’t forget to add your website’s link. That way, you can turn your audiences into your customer.

2. Share Your Products

If you are a business selling products, the most obvious way is to share them on Pinterest. As said earlier, Pinterest has numerous people waiting to see various options.

Pinterest lets you create several boards. So, you can categorize these posts and make your catalogue on the site. You can save them like ‘gifts for mom’, ‘for kids’, etc. So when people would search for gift ideas, they may come across your pin. Please make sure that your posts are visually attractive too. Now, follow the point that we mentioned before. Hola! Your product is currently listed on Pinterest, and people will draw to your site automatically.

3. Focus on Seasonal Contents

Pinners should always plan way ahead of others. On top of that, when you’re managing a business or brand, Seasonal sales are one of your biggest targets. And did you know that people widely search pins on Pinterest for new and classy seasonal ideas?

Pinterest advises sharing seasonal contents 30-45 days ahead of your sale. For example, valentine’s day is a massive market for gifts, chocolates and flowers. A seller targeting the market should start sharing Valentine’s day content from mid-December for better publicity.

By creating creative and catchy seasonal content, you can boost your business by at least 20% during these sales. You can check out Pinterest’s ideas for such innovative approaches.

4. Optimize Pinterest SEO

What is Pinterest? After all, it is a search engine. If you ask how to use Pinterest for business promotion, we will recommend focusing on SEO. Because, without optimizing SEO for Pinterest, you cannot really expect to turn up. Therefore, like any other content, the contents of Pinterest also need a good touch of SEO tricks.

First of all, your content on Pinterest should have all the necessary keywords. Therefore, good keyword research is crucial. You can use these keywords in your company name, boards, pins names, and descriptions.

Using hashtags can also be helpful in case anyone is willing to follow specific ideas. So, optimise Pinterest SEO for better business promotion.

5. Target The Right Audience

Marketing requires strategy. And your plan decides how far you will go. One of the first steps in social media marketing is targeting the right audience. Of course, you have the choice to target the whole world- only if it were to help.

Pinterest lets you run advertisements for business promotions. You can target ads around interests, keywords, age, location, and other demographics. Pinterest also finds out act alike Pinners for you. You can follow up with their analytics and see if it is working.

You can also take help from social media marketers for better ad management. Trust us, Pinterest marketing will take your business promotion to another level.

6. Make Shopping Easier

As a business, your target is sales! And so, you should catch your customers before they leave. One of the reasons customers back off is because of complex marketplace settings. So, while setting up your business promotion on Pinterest, make sure you make shopping seamless too.

You can add a direct link to the product’s page from where the customers can buy your product directly. Or Pinterest’s new feature allows Pinners to buy a company’s product from their profile on Pinterest. These two methods are extremely promising to keep customers pinned.


Ah! That’s all? Well, yes! Social media marketing is easy when you know the chords. So you see, while you were bothering about how to use Pinterest for business promotion, all it takes some simple five steps. Now that you know them, it is time to create a Pinterest business account and get your brand going!

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