How to use Pinterest for Business promotion in 2020

How to use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is basically the visual social media just like other digital scrapbooks combined with a digital wish list. From dinner recipes to inspiring boards, Pinterest has many fun-filled and helpful features, especially for business. This platform is widely used by businesses to promote their brand and services. For those who are not aware of this social media platform, it revolves around sharing, images, and purchasing. It has over 300 million users globally and every day it receives over 200 billion pins, of which 2/3 of all pins are from business websites.

Today, I am going to show you how Pinterest can help businesses to promote their brand and products in 2020 and beyond. After reading my post on How to Use Pinterest for Business you will definitely learn how to engage with your customers easily via Pinterest, how it can help you with SEO, build brand image and become the biggest inspiration online.


Creating Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are actually used to categorize your Pins and be organized. I personally use it to collect vacation locations, bathroom ideas and more. Some people even use Pinterest Boards as an inspiration to organize their weddings. With Pinterest Pins, you will be able to collect and save all the Pins in one single place. It allows you to divide the pins into different categorizes and this way you can stay more organized on Pinterest.        

how to use pinterest for business


Alike other social media platforms, the “Follow” button allows you to follow other businesses and people. You can start following them to know what they pin, the type of boards they are creating, and what are their likes and dislikes. So, businesses who want to be successful in their marketing strategy in Pinterest must include the “Follow” button in their account.

The follow button informs others and businesses that you are a Pinner and when they click the “Follow” button they will be redirected to your profile directly. So, ensure to include the button in all the places where you connect with people. This includes:

  • Emails
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Pop-ups ads
"Note: Follow Us on Pinterest For regular updates Beingoptimist".

Inspire & Click

The feed and homepage are the places where you can reveal what your followers do and what platform considers users will be interested in. This actually depends on your own boards and pins. The best part of this platform is that when the users click on your Pins, they will be redirected to your website directly.

Enable Rich Pins

A small extra effort can go a long way, especially in the domain of Digital Marketing Agency. Pinterest understands this fact and hence it provides rich pins on its platform. These pins are just like regular Pins but with some extra description space for the post. Pins like articles, recipes, products, and applications can apply these Rich Pins. I would suggest all eCommerce stores, applications and food bloggers must use Rich Pins of Pinterest as it is the ultimate tool for better advertising performance. This is free to use feature and any Pinterest business account can make use of it.

Use of Video Pins

It is undeniable fact that video advertisements are easy to catch attention and it generates more engagement than any other format of ads. Video Pins have the ability to convey messages dynamically to the viewers. So, it is important for businesses to use video Pins in their Pinterest business account to get more engagements.

Video Pins can optimize the click-through rates but it must be interactive and has the ability to generate curiosity amongst targeted audiences. Don’t give away simply all information on Video Pins when you are creating it for your product or article. You just need to create engaging and exciting videos to create curiosity amongst the viewers. So, create the hook in your videos that can redirect the viewers to your landing page for more information.

Pinterest Ads

Over 70% of the Pinterest users have found new products and brands, all thanks to the Pinterest Ads. One out of every 3 users makes online purchases after viewing the Pinterest ads or Promoted Pins. So, if you also desire to make your Pins look more appealing and engaging, then ensure to make use of Pinterest Ads.

Use of Hashtags Intelligently              

The use of Hashtags is no longer a mythological concept in 2020. Hashtags are widely used by businesses today to share content and generate a specific impression organically on multiple virtual platforms. Pinterest is no exception as it allows users to include Hashtags. But, I would suggest businesses to intelligently use hashtags and search for the trending hashtags for their niche. Add only the trending hashtags wisely on Pinterest.

Adding the trending and relevant hashtags can help your Pins to show up everywhere whenever someone searches for the platform.

Optimizing Pins for Smartphone

After the advent of the Smartphone, the lives of people are revolutionized. The way we communicate, interact, and perform our day to day works have changed significantly due to Smartphone. The smartphone is becoming the integral part that promotes comfort to users and excellent portability. Plus, the Pinterest App on iOS and Android is already setting the record with millions of downloads every month. So, businesses who want to be successful on Pinterest and don’t want to leave any stone unturned must take Smartphone into account when creating Pinterest Pins.

It is necessary that you optimize all your Pins according to different mobile browsers, models, screen sizes, and the aspect ratios. The Pins which are not optimized for Smartphone may get cropped and images and content won’t get displayed on small screens of Smartphone. So, it is suggested that you optimize your Pins to give your audience with best user-experience. If optimizing the Pins yourself is not possible and if you do not have time to learn “how to use Pinterest for business”, seek the help of the best SEO company in India to get it done professionally.  

Conclusion On How To Use Pinterest For Business

So, these were some of the ways How to use Pinterest for Business promotion in 2020. However, there is a long list of things which businesses must follow to succeed on Pinterest, but covering them all is not possible in a single post. This guide on How to Use Pinterest for Business provides you essential tips that I have also used to promote my business on this platform. You may also use these tips to ensure that you are leveraging Pinterest in 2020 to the fullest.          

So finally I would recommend you to use Pinterest for your business and kindly share your thoughts in the below comment box on the topic “how to use Pinterest for business”.



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