Learn How To Delete Playlist On Spotify In 5 Quick Steps

How To Delete Playlist On Spotify

Did you make the wrong playlist on the Spotify app again? You can also learn how to delete playlist on Spotify app in just a few steps. We understand, that making a playlist can be time-consuming some of the times. And mistakes also happen now and then. That is why we have turned up a new blog to share with you all, how you can delete playlist on Spotify. 

Spotify playlists

You can not deny that whenever we heard the word ‘Spotify’, we connected it to the word ‘playlist’. If we see into this, Spotify has everything to do with playlists. Making up new ones or following other playlists is what’s mostly done in this music-streaming app. Other than this, users can also subscribe to premium quality plans for better audio quality but at a minimal fee. Lately, Spotify has around 188 million premium subscribers all around the world and that’s something like a tree, always keeps on growing.

Do you know how to delete playlist on Spotify?

Follow the simple steps given down below to know how you can delete a playlist on Spotify that you have already made:

  • STEP 1: Open the Spotify application. 
  • STEP 2: Tap on the Library icon. You can get it at the bottom of the screen on a bar. And then select the playlist that you want to delete.
  • STEP 3: When you have the one playlist you need to delete, then, click on the three-dot menu icon. Some options will arrive from.
  • STEP 4: From the options, click on the Delete Playlist. If you are on your desktop or laptop, it will show only the Delete option and you will have to click on that. 
  • STEP 5: A confirmation message will be sent to you asking if you really want to delete the playlist. Click on the green Delete box to delete the playlist on Spotify.

How can you unfollow a playlist on Spotify?

A lot of pre-made playlists exist on Spotify. You can already add them to your library and listen to them. But for that, you need to save the playlist in your library by following it. But did you know that you could unfollow the playlist to remove it from the library? We will guide you how to do it:

  1. Open the Spotify app. 
  2. Then, at the bottom of the screen, on the right-hand side, click on Your Library.
  3. Go to the playlist that you want to unfollow or remove from the library. You can see the green heart icon on the left side. And then, tap on the green heart. 

And the playlist will be removed from Your Library.


Coming to the point, if we talk about playlists, they are the best thing to share all around. You can easily share playlists with your friends and members as a token of love. They can also be served as a good gift for someone. Playlists are everyone. Sharing them is like sharing a part of your likings, your personality. And thus, making the perfect playlist for yourself is a need. And we also now, showed you how to delete playlist on Spotify if you created the wrong one by mistake. So, let us know if there’s any topic which you would like us to cover next. 


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