Best Practices for Registering a Domain Name for Your Business

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There is a connection between a company domain name and increased SEO ranking, which many people do not see. This does not mean domain names directly influence SEO. However, developing a unique business domain name is essential to your SEO ranking.

There are certain factors that you must consider before generating a new domain name. This takes us to one of the most pressing questions, what is a domain

This article answers the question, states the connection between SEO and domain names, and highlights and explains some factors to consider when registering one.

What Is a Domain?

It is a unique address that users utilize to access websites. Every company or business website has this name. Generally, a company domain name is managed by domain registries with the help of registrars. 

A registered company domain is typically subdivided into two or three different parts, separated from one another by a dot. When a domain name for a business is read from right to left, the domain name is read from the most general to the most specific. 

The section after the last dot is called the Top-Level Domain (TLD), which includes ‘.com,’ ‘.net,’ and ‘.org’ and country-specific TLDs like ‘.ca’ and ‘’

Next to the TLD (to the left) is the second-level Domain (2LD). At the left of the 2LD, there is the third-level Domain (3LD). For example, in the domain name ‘,’ ‘.com’ is the TLD while ‘google’ is the 2LD. 

When choosing your domain name, you must consider some factors and follow certain procedures.

Best Practices for Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be a bit cumbersome, and there are some do’s and don’ts. It’s best to read the practices below as they have been properly explained. 

Keep the Domain Name Short and Precise

You have to choose a short and precise domain name that users can remember. It’s advisable to use less than 15-20 characters (not words). Using longer domain names will make the users prone to making typo errors. 

Unique and Brandable

A company’s domain name should be unique. It is wise to research other blogs about the niche you plan to focus on. This will aid the suggestions of a unique domain name.

How to Register Your Domain Name

After successfully choosing a domain name, you can now proceed to register the name. Here are some simple steps to follow for you to register a company domain name.

Find a Domain Name Registrar

You will need to register the domain name for your business through a domain registrar before you can start using it. However, business owners should carefully consider the pricing and policy for each domain name registrar before choosing it. Examples of domain name registrars are,, Bluehost, and GoDaddy.

Search for Your Domain Name’s Availability

Currently, there are about 300 million domain names available that you are permitted to use. A business owner should therefore be thorough in this search to avoid setting their sights on a domain name that is already registered by another company.

Make a Final Decision About Your Choice of Domain Name

This can be achieved by making a choice among the available domain names you get after the search. Also, ensure you pick a domain name that can be easily found by visitors.

Choose a Domain Name Suffix Like .com, .org, or .net

Research shows that the most common domain name suffix is .com. Nonetheless, .net and .org are also widely used. 

There are also country-specific top-level domains. These end in a suffix that is particular to a specific country, such as .ca for websites in Canada, .de for most websites in Germany, and for many websites in the United Kingdom.

Among these kinds of domains, however, the .com domain suffix is the most widely used because it is very easy to remember. 

Buy the Domain Name

When you have chosen the domain name suffix you’d like to use, the next step is to pay for the domain name registration. First, you pay to own the domain name for a period. Afterward, you will have to renew your registration by paying a fee.

Add a Domain ID

This will help you protect your information from being viewed by anyone. It will also protect your personal information from identity thieves or spammers.


In this article, you must have learned some practices involved in choosing a domain name. Most specifically, you should have learned the necessary steps that are involved in the registration of a domain name. Remember that there are millions of domain names, and many are being added every day.

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