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Yandex Webmaster: Getting Started With Yandex Search Console

In order to track the performance of the website and to give more visibility, it is important to add your website in Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools. In addition to these webmaster tools, there is another tool named Yandex Webmaster which is very popular in Russia.

Similar to the other search consoles you can also submit or add your website to the Yandex search Console for better organic performance and in Russia.

Reason why you should add your website to Yandex Webmaster

Usually, Yandex webmaster is identical to Google Webmaster tools with many similar features which allow site owners to monitor indexing status and optimize visibility of their website in Yandex Search.

Furthermore, features, like submitting and examining a sitemap or generating a robots.txt, are quite similar to Google Webmaster Tools while there are few more features in Yandex webmaster which makes it unique and good for SEO.

In addition to this, it is one of the leading search engines in Russia, so we should not underestimate the power of this search engine because it will be very productive for increasing the visibility of the page in the search result page.

How to register and Login To Webmasters Yandex

Let us follow the step by step procedures to add URL to Yandex webmaster tools. So, Here we go

Step 1: First of all, go to Yandex Webmaster Tools

Click to Yandex Login, if you are a registered user then you need to fill up your user id and password.

 Yandex webmaster

Step 2: Not  Registered User

If you are a new user then you need to register with Yandex. Also, you can log in to the account using your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Step3: Click the plus sign button to add your website in Yandex Webmaster

So after logging into the account click to “Add a Site” button to submit your website URL. As for example:

 Yandex Webmaster-Add A Site

Step 4: Type your website’s URL in the box and click yellow “Add button” to continue

Yandex Webmaster-Sute address

Step 5: Copy and paste the verification code for Yandex-verification.

Therefore after adding your website URL in Yandex Webmaster, you have to verify your website so that the webmaster understands that you are the authorized person.

Hence, using any of the three options available in webmaster tools such as Meta tag, HTML File, DNS Record and WHOIS you can perform Yandex verification for your website.

Here I will be showing you the easiest way to verify your website if you are using a WordPress CMS. If you are using WordPress just you have to copy the code given under double quotation mark and then follow below steps.

Yandex webmaster verification

Step 6: Log in to your WordPress website

Login to your WordPress site and install the Yoast SEO plugin and then activate it, After activating go to the “General” setting and click to “Webmaster Tools” Tab.

Yoast Seo

Step 7: Paste the code under ‘Yandex Webmaster Tools

Under Yoast SEO webmaster tools tab, you will see the list of tools verification boxes such as Baidu, Bing, Google, and Yandex verification code. Just under Yandex verification code paste the code.

Step 8: Now Click save changes

Step 9: Now Go back to Yandex Webmaster Tools and click ‘Check’

Congratulation! Your website is a part of the Yandex Webmaster Tools family.

Step 10: Alternative options to verify website

You can also verify your website by downloading the HTML file and then uploading it directly on the server’s “Public_html” folder. Another way of verifying the website is to copy the Meta Tag or Html file code and then insert it within the head tag i.e. <head>Code Here</head>

Submitting Sitemap in Yandex

To submit a sitemap in Yandex webmaster tools basically, you have to click to the “indexing >sitemap files” section and submit your sitemap URL.


Here my goal was just to explain to you the easiest options of how to verify your website to Yandex Webmaster Tools. Amongst all the options the easiest way to add URL in Yandex Webmaster is using Yoast SEO plugin.

 If you are technically good at coding and server handling you can skip the step 5, 6, 7 and 8 and can start the verifying process from step 10 onward.

There are many features in Yandex webmaster tools that cannot be explained in one go. In the next article I will explain to you all the features of the tools step by but before ending I would like to give you an overview of the features:

Yandex provides the following features to Webmasters:

  1. Inspect the search queries that show your website in the search results.
  2. You can easily check the website’s status in the Yandex search engine like how many pages have been listed and excluded.
  3. Mobile-friendliness of your site.
  4. You can also check the site security and diagnose the site for other possible problems.
  5. You can manage your site structure using Yandex Webmaster Tools.

At last, I would like, to remind you that you should have a Yandex account associated with Webmaster Yandex in order to submit URL to Yandex Webmaster Tool. In addition to this, they also need a phone number as a part of their Yandex verification to know that data is submitted by a real person.

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    Hi Being Optimist. Thank you for the article. I was exactly searching about this topic i.e. how to add website in Yandex search. Once again thank you for enriching my knowledge base.


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