Google Ready To Rollout Page Speed Report In Search Console

Page Speed Report In Google Search Console

It is good news for the webmasters that Google has started the process of publicly rolling out highly anticipated page speed report in Search Console which was announced 6 months ago. So let us have a quick look and check what benefits as a webmaster you will get.

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Where will you find this Page Speed Report In Search Console?

You will find this page speed report just below the enhancement section in Google Search Console. This report will provide you with an overview of the pages or URLs which have a speed-related problem and thus it will help webmasters to fix the problems related to page loading times.

Report Categorized into three sections

This page speed report categorically has three parts. These are Slow, Moderate and Fast. That means according to the page speed of the web pages, Google will accumulate the website Urls under these three sections.

If your WebPages are too slow then it will be automatically shifted to the “Slow” section of the Page Speed Report and if our web pages are moderate or fast then it will go under the section moderate or fast respectively.

This report will help you to find out the problems behind the slowdown of the website and will help them to optimize their web pages.

If you want to further analyze the slow and moderate pages you can go deeper to the faster section of pages and can compare it easily why your website is slow.

Google Ready To Rollout Page Speed Report In Search Console
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In addition to this, the search engine giant will also share details on how to increase the URLs, page speed by linking the PageSpeedInsight tool.

Page Speed Report In Search Console Will Help You To Monitor your Web pages

This new report section in Google Search Console will help you to monitor your site’s performance and also, you will be able to track the fixes which you have done. That means if you have fixed the issue then you can use this report to find out whether it has served the user purpose or not while browsing the fixed version of your site.

Conclusion Page Speed Report In Search Console

Google has already declared that speed is one of the important ranking factors for a website. So it is giving an opportunity to the webmasters by integrating Page speed report in Google Webmaster Tools so that they would not have to go again and again to analyze the website in Page Speed Tool. 

Moreover, this page speed report is currently under “experimental”, However, this report will be rolling out soon.

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