How To Clear Spotify Queue in Desktop & Phone

How to clear Spotify Queue

Do you want to learn how to clear Spotify queue in seconds? You have come to the appropriate place. We will show you how it can be done within seconds.

Music has always been our non-betraying companion and an actual day-saver in many ways. Listening to music demands no specific time or circumstance — workload, heartbreak, stress, happiness,  anxiety,  anger, excitement — no matter whatever the emotion or situation has been, music most of the time has come to our rescue.

However,  not every song suits every mood, right?

So if you are the one to add too many songs to your queue and let everything play out, you can forget what’s up next. You can also skip and select the songs to play manually, causing disruption.

Thus to avoid this problem, you can just hide a Spotify song to move on or you can clear the whole Spotify Queue.

What is Spotify Queue?

We all know that a queue means a lineup or arrangement of things in order. Thus, when you add songs to Spotify Queue, it implies that the song will be coming up next to play out. If multiple songs are added to the queue, they will play out in the order in which they were added. Thus it lets you schedule your songs quickly and play Spotify in the background without having to play the songs manually,  interrupting your work.

You can add songs to your queue by clicking or tapping on the three-dots icon at the right of a particular piece and then clicking or tapping on the “Add to Queue” option from the menu that opens. There is no definite limit for the addition of songs to Queue.

(Please note that the Spotify play queue option is available for Spotify Premium users only.)

How to clear Spotify Queue in Desktop?

If you use the Spotify Desktop Client or Web-player on a Windows PC or Mac, you can perform the following steps:–

(i) First you will need to sign in to the Spotify client or website to start.

(ii) After you have signed in, in the bottom right corner, you will find a symbol with three horizontal lines with a small play icon at the top left corner of the uppermost line. This is the “queue” icon.

(iii) Click on the “Queue” icon and you will be able to view your Spotify queue.

(iv) At the top, towards the left, you will find two options — “Queue“/ “Next In Queue”  and “Recently Played“. By selecting “Queue” you can find out the order of the songs and the next song that will play. By selecting “Recently Played“, you will be able to view the songs you played recently,  in order.

(v) Removing Individual Songs from Queue :

▪︎In order to remove an individual song from your  Queue, select the song you want to remove and click on the three-dotted icon at the right of the song title.
▪︎A list of options will appear. Click on the option called “Remove from Queue”. Thus the song will be removed from your queue. If you are removing a playlist song, the aforementioned process will only skip it for that particular session. The song however will remain in your playlist to be played in future.

(vi) Clearing all songs from the whole queue:–

▪︎In order to clear all the songs at once from the queue, click on the “Clear” button (for the desktop client) or “Clear Queue” button (for the web player). You will find the buttons at the top right corner of your “Next In Queue” list.
▪︎For web player users, Spotify will ask for your confirmation to clear your queue. Select “Yes” to confirm.

How to clear Spotify Queue on Mobile (Android, iPhone or iPad)?

If you are a Spotify mobile app user (on Android, iPhone or iPad), perform the following steps to clear your Spotify Queue:–

(i) Open the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet and sign in to your account.

(ii) Whether you are playing music on your mobile device or some other device linked, you can see a rectangular bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the bar to view your song on full screen.

(iii) Tap the queue icon that you will find in the bottom right corner. It will show you the current song playing; the song “Next In Queue”; and recently played songs.

(iv) Removing Individual Songs from Queue:–

▪︎Tap the circular icon at the left of the song (or songs) you want to remove.
▪︎After selecting the song (or songs), tap on the “REMOVE” button at the bottom left corner of the menu.

Hence, the song (or songs) will get removed from your Spotify Queue. If the selected song was a playlist song, the song will remain in your playlist but will be skipped for that particular session.

(v)Clearing the whole Queue:–

▪︎The manually added songs will appear in the “Next in Queue” section at the top of your Spotify Queue list.
▪︎Tap on the “CLEAR QUEUE” button at the right corner, next to the “Next In Queue” title.

Thus, all the manually added songs will be cleared from your Spotify Queue. This is the way by which you can clear Spotify queue easily on mobile.


Now that you have already learnt how to clear spotify queue, you can say no to songs you dislike. You can clear it within seconds and it’s that easy to do so. If you found the above information useful, keep following this website for more useful and informative content.

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